8 Best Weight Gain Exercises to Put On Weight Quickly

Gaining weight is more tough than losing it and also time consuming. So, know the best weight gain exercises to grow muscle mass and strength to put on weight.


8 Best Exercises to Gain Weight Quickly

Most people believe that only overweight people go to the gym to lose weight. 

Do you know? Exercise not only reduces weight but also aids in weight gain.

Also, gaining weight is tougher than losing it. A combination of the correct activities and a healthy diet will help you grow lean muscle mass and strength.

In this blog, our fitness experts will explain the best weight gain exercises and how to perform these weight gain exercises in gym. These body weight gain exercises will also help you strengthen your immune system.

You can perform weight gain exercises with dumbbells as well as weight gain exercise at home.

weight gain exercises

Best weight gain exercises 

1) Push-Ups

Push-ups are a great way to bulk up your physique. Different push-ups exist, however, most individuals do the wide hands push-up to gain weight.

It is among excellent weight gain exercises for strengthening your upper body and core. Also, work your abdominals, chest muscles, shoulders, triceps, and the wing muscles beneath your armpit.

push ups best weight gain exercises


  • Lie down on your stomach on the ground.

  • Stick your hand lightly on the ground, palms facing down. Your shoulders should be wide apart and bend your elbows.

  • Place your toes on the ground and your knees straight

  • Ensure your arms are straight when pushing your body upwards with your hands and toes.

  • Bring your body downwards in slow motion by bending your elbows until your chest almost hits the ground

Reps: Each set with 15 repetitions.

Warnings: Avoid if you have shoulder injury, back pain or a lack of wrists flexibility. If you're having trouble getting your body off the ground, don't strain your knees.

2) Bench Press 

Our second preferable workout in weight gain exercises is the bench press. 

bench press weight gain exercises at gym


  • Rest your back on the bench and relax your whole body.

  • Spread your fingers to grip the bar upon you

  • Elevate the bar by fully extending your arms.

  • Return your hands to their original posture.

  • Bend your arms at a 90-degree angle.

Reps: sets of 4 to 5 repetitions. 

Warning: Don't lock your elbows and avoid pressing your head against the bench.

3) Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are one of the most efficient weight gain exercises at home because it just requires a pull-up bar. It develops sculpted shoulders and ripped arms. Pull-ups mainly target your biceps and latissimus dorsi.

pull ups weight gain exercises


  • Hold the pullup bar with your hands 

  • Pull yourself up to the point when your chin is just above the bar.

  • Down your body, until your arms are completely extended.

Reps: Perform repetitions as per your comfort

Warnings: Avoid If you have a neck injury or limited wrist flexibility.

  • Tips: Before performing pull-ups, make sure you warm up properly. Instead of concentrating on your speed, concentrate on increasing your strength.

4) Bench Dips

Bench dips are simple but effective weight and muscle gain exercises. It works the triceps, chest and front of the shoulder.

bench dips weight gain exercises at home


  • Place a bench behind your back. 

  • Grab the bench's edge with your hands facing down.

  • Stretch your legs forward while bending your waist

  • Inhale deeply and gently lower your buttocks by pulling yourself downward.

  • While raising yourself off the bench, take a deep breath and gently exhale.

Reps: Perform 4-5 repetitions or as many as you feel comfortable with.

Warning: Maintain a puffed-up chest and pulled-back shoulder blades. If you have neck or back issues, be cautious while practicing this exercise.

  • Suggestion: Put a weight on your laps or try other variants like cross bench dips.

5) Squats

Squats are without a doubt the most effective weight gain exercise at home. It is beneficial for boosting the strength and growth of the muscles in the lower body.

It also assists in the development of core strength.

squats best weight gain exercises


  • Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart

  • Half sit with your hips (Imagine you are sitting on an invisible chair)

  • Revert to your starting position.

Reps: Minimum 5 times 

Warning: When squatting, ensure your knees do not extend over your toes to avoid knee pain. If you're a newbie, don’t use a weight bar.

  • Tips: When going into the squat posture, don't bend your knees and make sure you maintain your back straight and don't slump.

6) Lunges

Lunges, like squats, aid in the development of the lower body, especially the thighs and hip muscles.

This is among the fantastic weight gain exercises with dumbbells that help you gain weight by targeting your hamstrings, abdominals, gluteal muscles, quads, calves, and back muscles.

lunges weight gain exercises


  • Straighten your back.

  • Step forward with one foot until it forms a 90-degree angle with the other.

  • Maintain your body's descent until your thigh is parallel to the ground.

  • Return to your original position by pushing back.

  • Repeat this with the opposite leg.

Reps: 20 times on each side. 

Warning: When crouching down, avoid crossing your big toe since this might injure your knees. Don't lean forward and maintain a straight upper body.

7) Deadlift

The deadlift is one of the excellent weight gain exercises with dumbbells to increase general muscular mass.

It also tones and strengthens leg muscles. The upper back, lower back, hamstrings, and glutes all benefit from deadlifts.



  • Stand with your legs slightly wider than your hips and your spine straight.

  • Lean over and hold the bar with a shoulder-width apart grip.

  • Bend your knees until the front half of your leg (knee to foot) is in contact with the bar.

  • Raise your chest to straighten your lower back.

  • Inhale and lift the weight to your feet level.

  • Try to keep the weight in your hands for a few seconds.

  • Drop your weight.

Reps: Perform at least once more.

Warning: Bending your back inwards or outwards might cause major back problems. Despite its effectiveness, this exercise is tough to complete without the help of a trainer. If you have any injuries, avoid it. 

  • Tips: When completing a deadlift, choose your strongest position and aim to maintain the bar as close to your body as possible.

8) Burpees

Burpees are wonderful for a full-body exercise and the last one in our weight gain exercises at home list.

You'll work your chest, arms, glutes, abs, quads, and hamstrings while completing this workout.



  • Stand shoulder-width apart with your feet 

  • Put yourself in a squat posture with your fingers on the floor.

  • Lie down on the floor with your hands on the ground like push-ups. Place your weight on your hands and maintain a firm core.

  • Pull your feet and return to a squat.

  • Straighten your legs and jump. Then land with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Warning: Burpees exert a lot of strain on your ankles, knees, and wrists, therefore you should warm up properly before doing them.

Wrap up

People depend on dietary supplements to help them gain weight. Aside from that, if you want to gain weight, you'll need to boost your fat intake and get enough sleep.

All the weight gain exercises we've described allow you to remain healthy and achieve your desired weight by growing your body mass.

If you want to gain weight rapidly without being hurt, we recommend you seek personalized advice from our specialists!