Top 8 Chest Exercises for Men- Ultimate workouts

A shaped and sculpted chest enhances your appearance and strength. Know the best chest exercises for men and do them regularly to get your dream body.


For many guys, having wide shoulders and a muscular chest is a fantasy. A shaped and sculpted chest enhances your appearance and strength.

But how do you get there? The solution is straightforward. First, choose the finest chest exercises for men and do them regularly. As a result, you will attain the body of your dreams.

Exercises for men's chest muscles work out the pectoral muscles, the biggest muscles in the chest.

So, how can you select the best chest exercises for men? In this blog, our fitness trainers have listed several chest workouts for developing and strengthening pectoral and shoulder muscles.

You can find chest exercises for men at home as well as chest exercises in the gym. There are also few chest exercises for men with dumbbells.

chest exercises for men

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Best chest exercises for men

Include a variety of movements in your chest exercise program to ensure that you engage all the chest muscles. For that you need few equipment like: 

  • A flat or incline bench, 
  • Dumbbells or a barbell
  • Seated machine for chest press
  • Cable crossovers

To minimize the chance of injury, start with a lighter weight. If the workout appears too simple, you can increase the weight. Consult our experts to get personalized workout regimens. 

Pro Tip: For novice or intermediate lifters, attempt 1 to 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions. 3-6 sets of 1-12 repetitions for experienced ones. Rest 1-2 minutes for higher rep sets.

Chest exercises in gym

1) Pec Deck

Pec deck machines help you build muscle and strengthen your chest. You should not add additional weight to this machine to reduce your risk of harm. However, if you have ever had a shoulder injury, avoid this activity.

pec deck chest workouts for men


  • Keep your feet flat on the floor.

  • Sit up straight and raise your arms to shoulder level.

  • Keeping at a 75-degree angle, put both of your elbows in the center of the pad.

  • Push the wings gently and come to a halt before they collide.

  • Return to the beginning position.

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2) Machine Chest Press in a Seated Position

The seated machine chest press has many advantages, including the development of the side chest muscle, triceps, and other muscular tissues, arm power, and more. So, it’s among the most beneficial chest exercises for men.

machine chest press chest exercises for men

  • Take hold of the handles firmly.

  • Raise your elbows and come to a complete halt when your upper arms are parallel to the ground.

  • Inhale deeply as you pull the grips and exhale while pushing.

  • Take a brief pause before returning back.


3) Cable Crossover while bending forward

This is among the popular chest exercises in the gym. It needs the use of a cable pulley machine. It primarily targeted the pectoralis muscle in this workout. So it is best suited for bulking up chest muscles. 

cable crossover best chest exercises

  • Put one leg in front of the other.

  • Pull your arms forward while holding the pulley handles firmly. Maintain your hands below your shoulders.

  • Bring your hands together slowly, then stretch them. Don't allow your arms to extend beyond your shoulders.

Consult our gym trainers to know how many times you need to repeat it. They will provide the finest recommendation based on your needs.

Chest exercises for men with dumbbells

Don’t worry if the mentioned equipment are not available to you. You can also do upper chest exercises and lower chest exercises using dumbbells. These chest workouts for men are equally effective. Read below the chest exercises for men with dumbbells.

4) Bench Press with a Barbell

The barbell bench press is among the upper chest exercises. It assists you in developing a muscular chest and shoulders.

For this exercise, you must sit on a flat bench with your feet flat on the ground. Keep your shoulders, head, and buttocks on the bench as well.

barbell bench press chest workouts for men

  • Lift the barbell with both hands.

  • Place it over your upper chest and chin. Just maintain your wrists and elbows straight when placing it.

  • Lower it gently and come to a halt before it reaches your chest.

  • Lift the bar with your back flat and your wrists straight.

  • Avoid arching your back or moving your chest throughout each rep.

5) Flying Dumbbells on an incline bench

One of the best chest exercises for men is the Incline Dumbbell Chest Fly. 

Tip: Elevate the incline bench at a 30 to 45-degree angle to get the best results.

incline bench dumbbell fly


  • Grab two dumbbells in each hand while lying on an incline bench.

  • Maintain a flat foot on the floor.

  • Apply pressure on the bench with your head, back, shoulders, and buttocks.

  • Bring the dumbbells close to your chest and keep your wrists straight.

  • Maintain straight elbows, but do not lock them.

  • Hold your dumbbells parallel as you lower them at an angle.

  • Lift them in the same angle toward the ceiling.

6) Chest Press 

This chest workout is the same as the previous one, but it’s done on the floor or parallel bench. 

chest press

  • Set the chest press bench to sit with your knees slightly bent and your feet flat on the floor.

  • Exhale as you push the grips away until your arms are straight out. Bend your elbows a little.

  • Pull the bars toward you gently as you inhale. Don’t allow the weights to touch down.

Chest exercises for men at home

No gym equipment at home and no time to visit the gym? It's no issue. You can still do exercises for men's chest muscles. Our fitness trainers have listed out chest exercises for men at home.

7) Dips

If you include a powerful dip routine into your chest workouts program, you know you're making progress. A dip is one of the upper chest exercises that helps you develop muscle in your shoulders, back, chest, and arms. This chest workout needs two parallel bars.

dips chest exercise

  • Stand between the bars and grip the bars firmly

  • Slowly raise your body while leaning forward

  • Maintain a straight line with both elbows.

  • Bring your two legs together to support your lower body.

  • Slowly lower your body by bending your arms. Come to a halt when your upper arms and the floor are parallel.

  • Back to the starting position after a brief pause.

8) Push-Ups

Pushups are more convenient and provide three times the muscle-building advantages of the bench press. They improve your chest, arms, and shoulders.

Did you know? The standard pushup activates 61% of the chest muscles.

push ups

  • Keep your abdomen firm, your spine and neck in a straight line, and your elbows close together.

  • Gently lower yourself with your hands beneath your shoulders.

  • Raise your hands to push up your upper-body.

Pay careful attention to your posture to get the most out of it.

Last words

So, that’s the best 8 chest exercises for men. Choose the one you liked the most and make a regime. To get personalized routines and tips, contact our trainers!